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Hi there! I’m Kriss, the driving force behind Positivity Powerhouse. I’m happy to be at your service, providing effective, applicable, practicable content for your clientele. But who am I to be writing about self-esteem, self-care, and sanity? What makes me such an expert?

I have more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Not as a practitioner, mind you. I don’t have the alphabet soup after my name. My experience is that of a person who lives with mental illness. Gives me a rather unique perspective, wouldn’t you agree?

I have struggled for decades with bipolar disorder, panic disorder,  agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and excoriation disorder (aka skin picking disorder). Self-esteem, self-care, and sanity have often been elusive. Which is why they’re so near and dear to my heart. I believe they are the three essential qualities to successfully living with mental illness.


Self-esteem: Accepting yourself as you are

Self-care: Taking care of yourself

Sanity: Knowing yourself and what’s going on around you

Now, experts might disagree with my definition of sanity. They might tell you that sanity involves having the capacity to reason, the ability to anticipate and judge the outcome of one’s actions. That it’s equivalent to rationality or sensibility. Or, more simply, that it’s just plain not being crazy.

But I think you can be both crazy and sane at the same time.

Let’s say I give in to one of my obsessive thoughts – if I count the colors on the road, we won’t be in a car accident. (I say ‘we’ because I can’t drive due to physical disability.) Now, even as I’m riding down the road, saying to myself, “Gray, gray, gray, gray, white, white, yellow, yellow. Gray, gray, gray, gray, white, white, yellow, yellow,” I know it’s crazy to have this thought. Knowing that it’s crazy, that’s sanity. It’s understanding that I have this obsessive thought, which I’m compelled to follow through on, but that it’s irrational all the same.

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