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Work With me

"So what's a mindset and motivation coach? What do you actually DO?"

Both good questions! When you decide to work with me, I help you figure out where you’re stuck – because, face it, we all get stuck now and then. Once we’ve got that handled, I help you find ways to unstuck yourself. I’m not a therapist or a psychologist, and I’m not a doctor in any way, shape, or form. I won’t tell you what to do; you know you way better than I ever could, so any advice I might offer could do more harm than good. And that’s absolutely not what I want. I guide you to help you find the answers for yourself.

And that’s super important, because then you know that they’re YOUR answers. YOU found them, and YOU know how to implement them. It’s absolutely, positively, 100%ly all about YOU achieving the goals and outcomes YOU want.

  • More focus to figure out what the next best step is? YOU got it.
  • Better mood when you’re with your family? YOU got it.
  • Less stress while you’re at work? YOU got it.
  • Extra accountability for your goals, projects, and plans? YOU got it.
  • Deeper understanding and less overwhelm as you move through your day? YOU got it.
Me? All I do is nudge you now and then to provide an Outside Insight to help you get where YOU want to go.
A row of five identical doors in a wall
What, you think working with me means I know which door to pick? They're your doors, my friend.

Want to work with me? Book a discovery call at https://www.vyte.in/krissjudd to see if we'd work well together in my featured coaching program, Outside Insights.

Outside Insights is a 30-day program, including two 30-minute Zoom calls – one at the beginning of the month and one at the end, homework, and unlimited¬† text-based messaging (with a 24-hour return time), focusing on your single biggest goal, stressor, need for encouragement, or point of overwhelm. We’ve all had those times when we wished there was someone out there who could look at our lives and provide that outsider viewpoint, bringing clarity, and helping us find a course of action. That’s the focus of Outside Insights.

Five people standing in a row, question marks above their heads, with the title, "But what if...?"
But what if...?

But what if 30 days focusing on one single, solitary issue isn’t enough? What if you’re a hot mess trying to hold down a job and a family and a side hustle and a garden and the PTA and what the hell are you trying to do to yourself?¬†

Three and Six Month Coaching

While I’d recommend starting with Outside Insights to see if we’re a good fit to work together on a more long-term basis, I do have three and six month coaching programs available that you can jump right into. Both are designed to get you from overwhelmed to overcoming, from stressed to goddess, from uncertain dormouse to Positivity Powerhouse.

In each program, you’ll get the following:

Checklist that list the benefits of working with me - the PosPow Triple M Workbook, twice monthly coaching sessions via Zoom, Weekly homework to keep you on track, and messaging between sessions
All this.... plus me!

The Workbook

The Positivity Powerhouse Triple M Workbook, authored by yours truly, is designed to help you identify the three M’s – Mood, Mindset, and Motivation in any situation, and how to alter them to suit your purpose. Remember, from one of my Messages From the Wall: It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.

The Coaching Sessions

We’ll meet for up to 60 minutes, twice a month on Zoom – where sessions will be recorded so we can both refer back to them later. That way neither of us has to be distracted by trying to take notes. You’ll also get an emailed summary from me of what we talked about and what your next action steps are.

The Homework

Born out of our Zoom sessions, you’ll receive a tailored homework assignment from me. It could be focused on Mood, Mindset, or Motivation, or it could be a task or two to perform. Do a brain dump. Do something nice for yourself, all by yourself. It’s all about what you need at the time we spoke.

The Support

Two conversations a month is great and all, but what happens if you get stuck in between? I don’t want you to have to wait until our next call to get things sorted out. We’ll decide on the best messaging app, and you’ll be able to text, voice, or video  message me there any time. I’ll commit to responding within 24 hours – but it’ll likely be a lot faster than that.

Want to work with me? Book a discovery call at vyte.in/krissjudd to see if we'd be a good fit for my featured coaching program, Outside Insights.

“So, that’s great and all, Kriss, but what’s it all cost?”

Well, first off, I have to tell you that with the OCD, numbers get a little… interesting with me. You won’t see any standard $499 type pricing here. Oh, no. You’ll get the finest prime numbers math has given the world. So here goes.

Outside Insights, the one month laser focus program is $181.

The 3-month program is $1531 if you pay up front, or $659 per month in a 3-pay plan.

The 6-month program is $3061 if you pay up front, or $659  per month if you prefer the 6-pay option.

Click here to get on my datebook to see if we're a god fit!
I can't wait to meet you!

Got questions you want answered before you book yourself into my calendar for a call? Use the contact form below to reach out.

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